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Effective Deep Tissue Massage Therapy in Perth by Specialists

Deep tissue massage in Perth for pain relief

This therapeutic very deep techniques massage was created for those who love exercise or outdoor activities. Deep tissue massage in Perth is complemented with Spirit Oil, which helps to uplift senses, warm muscles. Both soft and firm movements will relax and soothe your whole body and prepare you for further adventures and activities.

What Is Deep Tissue Massage?

This massage treatment is all about re-aligning your connective tissues and inner muscle layers. This kind of therapy is highly effective in and around the contracted tissue muscles which are mostly found in the neck and shoulders.

The strikes applied in this therapy are not that different from traditional ones. The major distinction being that the movement is much slower than traditional ones while the intensity is much higher. If you have scar tissues in your body, this kind of therapy is best suited for you.


For Whom Is This Recommended for?

People suffering from chronic pains are the ones which mostly use deep tissue massage services in Perth. These people often feel the pain from adhesions and painful tendons that blocks blood circulation and causes inflammation. This can prevent the uninterrupted mobility of an individual. During the therapy you might feel a little pain because the therapists will put pressure on the muscles. But that’s nothing to be worried about because after that you will receive the satisfaction that is unparallel. People with osteoarthritis, postural problems and muscle spasms can get great relief from this therapy. Also, this kind of massage therapy is very popular with sportsmen who use it to treat sports injuries.

The therapy

In this kind of massage technique, the focus is predominantly on the deeper layers of the muscle tissue. Using deep finger pressure and slow strokes, this massage is capable of releasing the chronic patterns of the tensions by going through the fibres of tendons, fibres and fascia.Trough this massage, your body is realigned and this leads to the stress accumulated and the natural habitual patterns being released. The therapists usually will use their elbows, fingertips, knuckles and forearms during the process.

Our therapists will concentrate on the inner layers of the muscles which is perfect for those suffering from constant pain. But don’t expect to get instant relief just after your first session. If you want to get long term results, you have to make sure that you frequently conduct these massage therapies. The pressure applied can be very firm indeed – this will suit not only those with large masses of muscle, but also smaller people who like a very toning massage.

  • 120 Minutes $170
  • 90 Minutes $130
  • 60 minutes $95
  • 45 Minutes $75
  • 30 Minutes $55

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